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The Beat Bus is a transformative learning vehicle delivering music education to underserved youth across New Jersey. Our mission is to bring this mobile recording studio classroom to schools and community centers for a day of experiential learning or multi-week training programs that will inspire students to put their energy towards positive, creative outcomes.


Imagine a recording studio, equipped with all the latest technical wizardry, pulling up to your school/community. “For class today, we’re making a beat.” Now that sounds engaging! On board the Beat Bus, creative self expression is blended with personalized learning. Remix Shakespeare with a trap beat or find out what Ms. Smith sounds like when she raps the times tables— the educational possibilities are endless...


Music is meant to be a shared experience. Our studio on wheels provides an atmosphere for collaborative project based learning and a safe way for young people to express themselves. On the Beat Bus, everyone is a creator. And the best part? The coolest field trip of the year never left the parking lot.


The Beat Bus is a program within the Music Saved My Life youth music education initiative, a partnership between the Asbury Park Music Foundation and Lakehouse Music Academy. We specialize in creating custom workshops personalized to meet specific community needs and learning objectives. Whether it's a one time exploratory workshop or a multi-week cross curricular class - the Beat Bus can deliver on demand. Need help integrating STEAM goals or just want to build camaraderie amongst your community? Fill out the form below and we'll connect with you as soon as possible. Or call 401.467.7683 for more information on educational programs or corporate sponsorships.

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